Field Studies

Digital paintings made in Photoshop using a drawing tablet.

The History of Art

Audio / visual project created for the American podcast The 16oz. Canvas.


Artwork for the Danish post punk and dark wave band.


Art direction and graphic design for the the Copehagen brewpub BRUS and its offshoot BRUS Oslo. BRUS is both two physical locations and a brand of beers and craft cocktails.

To Øl

Graphic design and art direction for bottles, cans, merchandise and visual branding for the Danish craft brewery To Øl. Since its first commercial release in 2010 To Øl has produced over 250 different beers and is sold in more then 50 countries.

Tactile Tactile Tactile

Buildings and public sculptures tend to play a role i my work, often not as direct visual inspiration but more as a conceptual and aesthetic undercurrent.


Graphic design for the four part documentary series “Nielsen” directed by Cæcilie Østerby Sørensen.


Entry for architectural idea competition.

Nordic Sound Art

Design for a publication on the Nordic Sound Art Program published by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Piazza San Marco

Photos of tourists shooting photos at Piazza San Marco in Venice.

Ryg og Rejs

I kindly got permission from the owners to temporarily remove all the pictures and signs hanging on the walls and photograph the marks behind them.


Ongoing photo collection of white spheres. Size and function doesn’t matter. As long as they are white and spherical I photograph them.

View from the Bernina Express

This is the colour code of every single pixel in a digital image I shot of the surrounding mountains while being a passenger on the Bernina Express in the Swiss Alps. 10 A3 sheets.

Security Mirrors

Photos of Security Mirrors shot in various grocery stores in Copenhagen.


Photographs of motorcycles wrapped in protective covers.


During December 2009 I collected 44 headlines from various English language news publications.


Collages created by cutting out faces from random magazines and pasting them on to sheets of paper.

COP 15 Signs

Screen-printed signs made for use in the demonstrations during the COP15 climate summit in Copenhagen.

Food Portraits

A sharwarma, a hamburger with fries and a hotdog scanned in a standard desktop scanner.


The iconic image of Che Guevara recreated with chopped meat.